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San Salvador – Apopa

According to CEPA, parent entity of the Fenadesal state railway, suburban traffic over 8 km from San Salvador to Apopa could be re-instated. The line is frequently being inspected by permanent way staff using a track car, and repairs are carried out as required. A few diesel locomotives are serviceable and carry visitors in one or two passenger carriages on the premises of the San Salvador workshops.
(Source: CEPA)

Electric regional Railways

The Spanish project for electric regional railways appears to grow in size as a line towards the east to San Miguel is also on the cards, in addition to the line to Armenia and Sonsonate.
(Source: various private sightings)



Interest in the Central American countries for the Feristsa project has grown after freight traffic resumed between Ixtepec and Tapachula. Guatemala announced that it would promote the project of a rail link between Mexico and Panamá along with the Spanish state railway Renfe. A number of private Spanish firms also expressed their interest in the matter.
(Source: dif. Mexican Newspapers; La Nación (Honduras))



The spanish railway company FEVE hopes to close a deal with the public railway FENADESAL envisaging improvement of suburban traffic around San Salvador. Currently, only a limited service on weekdays connects San Salvador and Apopa. Both parties consider the reactivation of the San Salvador – Soyapango line as useful. This would, however, require a comprehensive rehabilitation of the infrastructure. FEVE also sees this as a chance to sell more Apolo trainsets. Experts from outside FEVE are wondering where those trains should come from as FEVE has now sold almost their entire Apolo fleet to Costa Rica and Argentina.
(Source: Fahrplancenter correspondents, FEVE)