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Metro Ciudad de Panamá

The government has approved funding to the tune of US$ 157 million to acquire 70 additional vehicles from Alstom in order to increase capacity on line 1 of Ciudad de Panamá's metro system as passenger demand is heavy. The new fleet will be formed into 7 trains with 10 carriages each.
Construction of the 21 km long metro line 2 has started on 05 October 2015 at the San Miguelito station, where the new line will branch off from the existing line 1. It will reach the area of Nuevo Tocumen, and opening is expected in 2019.
(Source: Tramways and Urban Transit)


Underground railway in Ciudad de Panamá

The first Central-American underground railway opened April 5, 2014 in Panama City. The 14 km long line runs from the suburb of San Miguelito to the centrally located bus terminal Albrook. The line serves 13 stations and the journey time is 23mins. Construction costs have been 1,8bn US$ and accor-ding to government sources fares may not exceed 1 US$.
(Source: Volta o Trem 18-5)


Ciudad de Panamá

On 5th April 2014, Ciudad de Panamá's first underground line will be opened. Until then, frequent trial runs with invited guests (150 persons per journey) are taking place. Comments to the new means of transport are very positive or even enthusiastic.
(Source: Entorno Inteligente)



Interest in the Central American countries for the Feristsa project has grown after freight traffic resumed between Ixtepec and Tapachula. Guatemala announced that it would promote the project of a rail link between Mexico and Panamá along with the Spanish state railway Renfe. A number of private Spanish firms also expressed their interest in the matter.
(Source: dif. Mexican Newspapers; La Nación (Honduras))