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(Text: Mathias Hock)

End of era in Nicaragua!

FC Incenio San Antonio

After the events of the 11th Septemer 2001 a new national security officer has been brought in from the USA and immediately after that all "dangerous" items have been forbidden such as railways etc. (but not of course cars, streets, weapons etc). So the Ferrocarril del Ingenio San Antonio ceased operation between the 12th and 20th September 2001 (the exact date is unknown), despite very good track condition. The entrance to the Ingenio works has been closed to the public except for workers. Just about this time the switch leading to the Liquor factory at Chichigalpa has been taken out and the straight track was rehabilitated in this area. This measure brought every freight movement to an end; passenger services have always been the biggest business of this railway for many years.

The former National Railway FCN

The old Managua workshops and administrative building have lost every signs of their railway history and are under conversion to the new National Police Headquarter. All tracks and rusty rolling-stock have been taken out and probably sold for scrap. At the Managua station there are still some motor trolleys and the former presidential railway coach, but in deplorable condition. Granada station may not become a cultural centre as planned originally. With the help from the Spanish Government it is under comprehensive reconstruction, including fine wooden artwork in the interior, and it may later be used to display the remnant rolling stock which is currently at Managua station.

2001 can be called the year of the end of an era in Nicaragua.