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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is not really Latin America, but nonincorporated part of the United States.

Las Croabas I, II + III

Technical Data:
Originally opened as Las Croabas I around 1945. Manufacturer unknown. Track gauge 1.166 Meter, length 170 Meter, difference of altitude 70 Meter: Gradient 44 per Cent, speed 1 Meter/Second, electrical drive, three phase current 400 Volt, 60 Hz, about 20 HP. 16 seated passengers, 4 standing passengers, total 20 passengers. Length of car 5,2 Meter, wheel base 2,5 Meter. Empty weight about 3 Tons, gross weight 4,5 tons. Has been replaced by Las Croabas II.

Las Croabas II and III are two parallel lines. Opened 1969, manufacturer Bell AG at Kriens/Lucerne, Switzerland, Length 169 and 167 Meter, gradient minimal 40 per Cent, maximal 48,3 and 46,9 per Cent, Speed 1,5 Meter/Second, electrical drive direct current Ward-Leonard 40 HP, 1400 revolutions/minute. 20 seated passengers, 10 standing pass., total 30 pass.. Car Length 7,7 Meter, wheel base (2 axles) 3 Meter. Empty weight 4,4 tons, gross weight 6,7 tons, for other data see under Las Croabas I.

Croabas II + III:. The cars before delivery at Maschinenfabrik Bell at Kriens/Lucerne, Switzerland.
Croabas II + III: Detailed View.